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Will the Ofgem Energy Price Cap affect my Fused bills package?

Yes - your energy prices will follow changes in the Standard Variable Tariff. This means your prices will change very slightly every few months.

If you're a Fused customer:

  • You'll always know at least 30 days in advance if your prices will change for any reason
  • You can see your updated prices after every price cap on your customer dashboard

Get a full explanation of the Ofgem Energy Price Cap.

Short version: The government energy regulator, Ofgem, updates the energy price cap every three months in response to wholesale energy price changes.

Prices have been coming down since the energy crisis, which is good news, and why all Fused packages are currently on a variable tariff! The other type of tariff, a fixed tariff, wouldn't benefit from price decreases.

If you have questions about changes to your prices after the price cap:

Tap the Live Chat at the bottom of the page, and select "Yes" when asked about Ofgem price changes so you get to the right team 👍