Why do I need to top up my prepayment meter?

You'll need to top up your prepayment meter until the changeover has happened.

How to top up is different depending on your supplier. It could be:

- At your local paypoint.
- At your local post office or,
- Online or via app.

To top up in a Paypoint store, you need to take your meter card or key which you should have gotten in the post. If you don't have this,  get in touch with us ASAP.

Once you top up, make sure you upload a photo of the receipt to your dashboard. You'll get a full refund of all prepayment meter top-ups within 5 days of submitting your request.

If you top up your meter online or via an app, please upload the top-up confirmation screen/email to your dashboard. You'll get a full refund of these top-ups too, within 5 days.

 We can't give you a refund if we don't have a receipt or confirmation as proof of the top-up.