Why do I have to submit meter readings with an Unlimited Energy package?

Energy suppliers use meter readings to work out the cost of the energy you've used and Fused pay that on your behalf. Don't worry - your meter readings will never affect your monthly payments!

Meter readings allow us to pay energy companies the right amount for your property. You don't pay based on what you use - that's part of your Unlimited Energy service - but we still need to pay suppliers.

  • Thankfully, meter readings are super easy to submit! Just add the readings to your customer dashboard
  • Not sure how to do a meter reading? Check out our meter reading guide. 🧠
  • Everybody on your bills package will get a reminder when we need meter readings for your property 💬
  • If we don't get energy meter readings for your property, you could have to pay meter reading charges as per the Fused T&Cs 👀

What is a meter reading?

Your energy meters measure the amount of electricity or gas you've used, and then we pay the energy company on your behalf.

Check out our complete student bills guide for more info.