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I got an email about energy price changes, but my customer dashboard prices haven't changed

You get 30 day's notice from Fused about price changes, but they don't go live on your dashboard until the price change has happened.

It's nothing to worry about if your dashboard lists different prices to the price change email.

The Ofgem Energy Price Cap happens every three months and is the most common reason for a price change.

Fused customers always get 30 day's notice of any price changes but price changes won't be visible on your customer dashboard payments page until the change has come into affect.


Let's use a made-up customer called Steve as an example:

  • Steve has a Fused package that will be affected by energy price changes on the 1st April. 
  • Steve gets an email 30 days before the change to let him know that his payments will be changing from April 1st.
    • Usually the email will include a schedule of upcoming payments, too.
    • The payments in the email's payment schedule won't match Steve's customer dashboard right now.
  • Steve has a good idea of what his payments will be in the future, but won't be able to see them on his dashboard until the change in pricing has happened on April 1st.  

If you have questions, or think you've received an email in error, contact the team via LiveChat at the bottom of the screen and select the 'price cap' option when prompted.