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Do energy price changes affect my package price?

It depends on your package type. Variable tariffs will change, fixed tariffs won't change.

  • Most Fused customers right now (June '24) are on a variable tariff.
  • No matter your tariff type, you don't need to worry about an unexpected price change because you'll always get price change notifications 30 days before any change to your payments.
  • You can see your updated prices after every price cap on your customer dashboard

If you have questions about changes to your prices after the price cap:

Tap the Live Chat at the bottom of the page, and select "Yes" when asked about Ofgem price changes so you get to the right team 👍

The next few price changes will be:

  • July 1st 2024
  • October 1st 2024
  • Jan 1st 2025.

Customers will receive an update 30 days before these changes come into effect. 

Read more about tariff types and the energy price cap:

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